Friday, December 31, 2010

Fatal NY Cincinnati Arkansas Tornado Mars The New Year Eve

Why so the hell strikes just on day of celebration, new year eve fesitval has turned in some death and lot of devastation.

Latest From Cincinnati Arkansas Live Coverage Shwoing The hell strikes - Pictures quite shocking

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard Panicked America Snow Burdened American Cities White Ice Everywhere

Blizzard 2010 Live - Snow Cristmas in USA & Mega Ice pouring blizzard from sky - White Snow Panick in america is at it peak, the south US is almost paralyzed in normal working. US Roads fully burdened whith white every where and air movement is at grand halt people in wait of airtraffic to open are laying as it is,anywhere anyway.

It is massive winter fall in east coast, vehicle deep stuck in white snow from sky, even police vehicle are in large sheet of ice, Rockefeller Plaza snow burden covered in larger perspective, crowd in air terminals, gounded air planes, as per news blizzard affect thousands of flights cancelled in USA, in all it is a week for normalcy. So what very active Americans are going to do in B Effect Era for a full week? LaGuardia Airport passengers are covered live. So it seems the holidays are to remain standstill holiday.

A detailed video report on Blizzard poured snowfall stricken USA daily life -

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Oh White Christmas Why don’t you some to my place ?

In a remote corner
For My Eyes
In America’s high patch
A beautiful white house

A muddy snowy small slope

A kid stuffed wintry
Sledding down to shrub
White snow colored brownish soil
American Father American Sister

Shouts a loud hoorah!

Another flat American Corner
A little grownup girl
Not so stuffed wintry
Some lower feet open

Decorated purple socks over

US Girl makes merry go round
White on Green Ground
Little Pathway in cheese
Sounds come come in

It is the contented mother.

It is not a poetry! | It is not White Christmas Poetry | It is not snow poem | It is not a sledding kids poem | It's not a purple socks poetry | It is not wintry chaos poem |

Even it is now a White Christmas Wish
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 26, 2010

American Kids Enjoy White Christmas in Atlanta 2010 | US Kids Home Skiing

Children of America Atlanta Kids are making fun with White Chrstmas Snow - Some doing ski with semi whaite sheet on earth, the other is narrating it -

Atlanta First White Christmas in 130 Years

USA Atlanta Video First white Christmas in over 100 years Live Visuals - A prety long 4 minutes video showing liv the First White Christmas Atlanta, which is probably the nature mood after 1882.
Thick white snow layer in Atlanta - Simply stunning awsome amazing -

There are Churches close also in icy weather travel movement blockage.

Philadelphia Snow Storm 26 Dec 2010 Tough American Life

America is snow-laden everywhere - watch Philadelphia blizzard snowfall with your naked eyes -

As per Government news The Philadelphia International Airport is open and operational; however, more than Philadelphia 300 flights have been canceled. So such is the December white effect. Philly Mayor Michael A. Nutter declared a Snow Emergency, Emergency Operations Center funtional to coordinate the City’s snow emergency response.

A Hannas Williams shared Philadelphia live visuals - It is the Nation's tough as well as holiday lifestyle video weather condition and environment to live with in USA on Dec last -

White Christmas Oklahoma | Blizzard Emergency Oklahoma | Heavy Snowfall Affects Life In Oklahoma After all it is holiday

Oklahoma Blizzard - Oklahoma Snowfall - Oklahoma White Christmas - Christmas decoration snow white-laden Oklahoma video & photos - Amazing Oklahoma through lense - Director Cinematographer Kevin Dunkelberg has done excellent job - Oklahoma White Christmas Video Art - And thanks for sharing it online -

Live Snowfall video - Snow falling over city -