Thursday, May 28, 2009


AWACS Comes to India - Will AWACS make India Super Power ? India Defence Minister Shri A.K. Antony just started his new second tenore, a repeat defence minister India says "It is a rare and momentous occasion".

As per verdict of India defence minister Antony, Inida is regurarly enhancing Armend Forces and to boost operational power of Indian Force. Induction of AWACS is a major step. AWACS is available to select nations only.

What is AWACS ? Airborne Warning and Control System in short acrronam is AWACS. In a press statement issued by Inida Government it is described as -

"The veritable “eye in the sky” fitted on an IL-76 platform will help detect aerial threats at long ranges at all altitudes, in all weather conditions, providing adequate warning and their timely neutralization. The system will also enable out defence forces to graduate to the next stage of network-centric operations, he added."

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