Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indian Air Force AN-32 Plane Crash Arunachal

Update - Arunachal Plane Crash AN 32 Wreckage Found - All persons on board charred beyond recognition, Arunachal Pradesh is famous as graveyard for Aircraft since WWII.

Watch AN 32 Plane Crash Video News - Arunachal Plane Crash Video News

Air Force of India has ordered and recovery on missing plane or crashed plane AN-32 Indian Air Force uses Antonov AN-32 Plane for Military Transport Purpose.

Air Force office Ranjit Sahu told that the plane was flown away from Mechuka situated in Arunachal Pradesh and after a short while it is missing.

AN 32 is a Soviet made Air Craft and it is reported that total 240 AN 32 Planes are used in Military all over the world.

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