Friday, June 11, 2010

Fugishi Ball Views First Time in World

I mean to say in my word i came to know the first time the term Contact Juggling, okay anyway what the hell it is, to my surprise another term Fugishi Ball hit my head. Before telling you anthing in world first watch Fugishi ball video below that translates to Contact Juggling Video too :-

The great guy has uttered some Fugishi ball master name Ammazing Kenny anyway he says himself not equivalent to master but you are seen he has very well show the inticricies of Fugishi Ball live. For those like me who encountered Fugishi Ball first time above usable video painting a clear picture as a live view.

One more Fugishi Balls video with 4 balls in hand of a Japenese contact juggler showing with good music at Hasunama Beach.

Update with apology it is Fushigi Ball not the one Fugishi Ball I have mentioned above, correct terms are Fugishi Ball Video and all that.

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