Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010

Guatemala City Sink Hole Video - Guatemala Sinkhole 2010 created out of blue after the Agatha Disaster has been shoot from air including some ground footage of Great Sinkhole in Guatemala City.

Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 Video visuals are stunning and clear proof of nature strange behaviour. Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 Shocking Video.

No one knows how much Guatemala Sinkhole is dip. How peoples died in Guatemala Sinkhole ? Whehter Guatemala Sink Hole is increasing ? How much is Guatemala Sinkhole is depth ? What is Geology of Guatemala Sink Hole ? What is the exact location Guatemala Sink Hole ? If there is any forecasting religious saying about Sinkhole in Guatemala.

If any one has answer of this question please comment here and tell us about Sinkhole in Guatemala.

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