Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nation's Airport Jammed People Stuck in Airport, Homes, Hotels

Blizzard Hazard Strikes America - USA White Christmas - As if nation is snowfall white covered - US Blizzard on Christmas and day after X Mas has severly affected the nation in two ways, some enjoying the inactity confined to home but most others are eager & impatient about work hampered related to movement. US airports are topic of enquiry about air flight conditions in blizzard.

Philadelphia airport, Logan airport, JFK airport, Lagaurdia airport and US blizzard stucked airports are hot in white christmas cold with boring travel delay, tourist dilemma, people wait in move or not condition.

Watch Virginia state emergency video - Latest Gov Declaration -

Blizzard is moving towards north eastern USA area and governments are taking emergency measures to minimize the white damage.

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