Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh White Christmas Why don’t you some to my place ?

In a remote corner
For My Eyes
In America’s high patch
A beautiful white house

A muddy snowy small slope

A kid stuffed wintry
Sledding down to shrub
White snow colored brownish soil
American Father American Sister

Shouts a loud hoorah!

Another flat American Corner
A little grownup girl
Not so stuffed wintry
Some lower feet open

Decorated purple socks over

US Girl makes merry go round
White on Green Ground
Little Pathway in cheese
Sounds come come in

It is the contented mother.

It is not a poetry! | It is not White Christmas Poetry | It is not snow poem | It is not a sledding kids poem | It's not a purple socks poetry | It is not wintry chaos poem |

Even it is now a White Christmas Wish
Happy New Year

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